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Meet Nipsy!



Come To Life!


Martha's Vineyards new 20ft friendly great white shark- made from recycled beach trash!

Designed By Mark and Lisa Leonard

envisioned By Chick Stapleton and Chris Hall

In 2019, Chick and Chris came up with the idea to promote an issue that they are both so passionate about; single use plastics and beach trash.

They used trash collected by the Friends of Sengekontacket Beach Clean Up Program and began sorting through to find what they might need.

All the trash used to make Nipsy, including fishing nets and pool noodles, was found on State Beach and repurposed into a 20ft great white shark placed on a trailer.

Sponsored by Friends of Sengekontacket


Nipsy 2.0 coming 2020!


Nipsy at the 4th of July parade


Nipsy at the Ag Fair 2019

Help make a difference!

1. Bring your own reusable cup for coffee and water.

2. Skip the straw! Put your mouth on the cup! :)

3. Leave reusable grocery bags in your car so you can't forget them when you go into the store.

4. Never use Ziplocs- pack your lunches with reusable tupperware and glass jars!

5. Grab produce that isn't wrapped in plastic- fruits and veggies have a natural protection and can be rinsed at home!

6. If you ever do use plastic- REUSE IT! Ziplocs, grocery bags, plastic cups, and more can all be used again!

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